Ways to Get More Listings

working your data base 

  • Work FSBO’s and expired’s. Consider working expired listings that aren’t “recently” expired.
  • Be an expert in the market. Understand the statistics (daily) and preview as many properties as you can to know what’s happening in the marketplace.
  • Contact non-owner occupied’s to see if they might want to do a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange.

Tricks for marketing

  • Do 10-10-20 on all current listings.
  • Farm a neighborhood.
  • Send out a market update newsletter to your neighborhood or one you’d like to have listings in!
  • Present a market update at an event or service club and highlight the drastic inventory shortage.
  • When you list a property, market to a “moveup” neighborhood as well as the current subdivision with a Just Listed postcard.
  • Send out a “reverse marketing” postcard, “I have a buyer looking in your area” that targets a particular subdivision.
  • Write a blog for your website about the shortage of listings and why it’s a good time to sell.

ways to follow up 

  • Touch base with everyone on your sphere of influence list (calls, notes, pop by’s, face to face).
  • Offer your past clients or sphere an “annual update” (CMA) on their property.
  • Call Sellers you had previously listed to see if they would want to re-list.

tips for prospecting 

  • Contact vendors (plumbers, roofers, electricians, etc.) to see if they know of anyone thinking of selling.
  • Coordinate a neighborhood event. Getting to know people and mingle with them is a great way to meet potential Sellers!
  • Go door knocking! You may not “like it” but you’ll probably meet some actual Sellers!
  • Send a letter to out-of-town landlord owners who might be tired of managing their rentals or wanting to sell.
  • Call attorneys, CPA’s, investment advisors, and insurance agents to see if you can assist with their client’s listings.
  • Introduce yourself and make connections with assisted living or nursing home directors. Sign up for some floor duty! Hang out in the office and capture calls that might be missed by fellow floor agents.
  • Target “orphan buyers” from agents outside of our area who are now “orphan sellers.” Offer them a CMA on their property and establish a relationship with them.
  • REMEMBER Everyone you meet who owns a home is a POTENTIAL SELLER!

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