Owner’s Extended Coverage

Owners Extended Coverage (OEC) insures against loss or damage by reason of the following:

  1. Any unfiled lien for labor or material furnished for improvements on the land (except for any such lien arising out of construction contracted for or assumed by the insured), provided construction of all improvements is completed at date of policy;
  2. Rights or claims of parties in possession of the principal dwelling;
  3. The enforced removal of the principal dwelling on account of, at Date of Policy:
    • a. Any encroachment of said principal dwelling upon adjoining lands or upon any easement shown as an exception in Schedule B or upon any unrecorded subsurface easement.
    • b. Any violation of building setback lines or covenants, conditions or restrictions referred to in Schedule B of the Policy.
    • c. Any violation of any zoning ordinance if the land is used only for a single-family residence.

The term “principal dwelling” means any single-family residential structure on the land, whether
detached or not. If the principal dwelling is a condominium unit, it refers to the space within the
boundaries of the unit. Additional improvements and areas such as out-buildings, detached garages,
fences, driveways, retaining walls, plants and common areas are not included within this definition. The
term “zoning ordinance” does not include building codes, occupancy regulations and subdivision laws.

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