Choosing a Title Company That Represents You 

Add First Integrity Title to Your Dream Team!

When choosing a title company to handle your closing, keep in mind you’re hiring more than just a service, you’re hiring a team. Your team members are the difference between a complicated and delayed closing verse having an exceptional closing experience. With that being said, consider these three qualities when choosing your dream team title and closing team.

Three Qualities to Look for in Your Title Dream Team

Brand Representation

Is your title company a positive extension of your brand identity? Choose a title company whose demeanor and professionalism throughout the closing process and at the closing table reflects what you want your client(s) to experience.

First Integrity Title represents its clients’ aspirations.  We continually strive to move forward and never settle for the status quo.

  • Your account executive, escrow officer and title examiner are here to serve you. Prompt communication is what sets First Integrity apart from the competition.

A Customer Service Based Company Culture

From the moment you walk in the door to the final farewells, does your title company demonstrate a focus on customer service?  If not, pick a title company who shows that when the going gets tough it will devote resources to get the job done right and have your client’s best interests at heart.

First Integrity works relentlessly to transform the real estate closing experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Our customers’ experience is our highest concern.  In everything we do, we leverage our culture of customer service in order to transform the ordinary closing into an extraordinary experience.

  • From the moment you walk into our office you are more than just a file number, you are a name and a valued partner.
  • Team members work together to meet your needs.
  • We go above and beyond to accommodate your closing- even to schedule an out of office closing at your convenience.
  • We offer fluent Spanish closings.


Does your title company care about its place in the community as much as you do?  Choose a title company that cares about the community that it serves.

First Integrity Title believes that by building a better community everyone benefits.  Our community is where we live, it’s where we work, it’s where we play, it’s where we raise our children, and it’s where we love. First Integrity Title is fortunate to be in a position to positively affect people’s lives through the benefits of homeownership. We are emotionally invested to make the world a better place one closing at a time.

  • First Integrity Title devotes significant time to support efforts of real estate related organizations.
  • We believe in giving back to the community through charitable giving and public service.
  • We are the stewards of the title indexing system and work every day to ensure that our public land records will continue to be a driving force for a successful real estate market.

Add First Integrity Title to Your Dream Team!

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