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I have worked with Lauren Collins and Cameron Deline on a majority of my transactions over the past year and have been really impressed by their team! They are always super prompt when responding to emails, typically getting back to me within minutes! I highly recommend them if you’re looking for exceptional service and attention to detail!

Shelby F.

I’m sitting in the Westminster office and wanted to tell you about my wonderful experience here today. This has been a bit of a stressful transaction and Kelly made it so much easier! As usual, she moved mountains for us and was patient with all the various last minute changes we needed on the settlement statement. If not for her, the whole thing would have been a nightmare.

Also, I wanted to let you know that the receptionist here is absolutely amazing! She goes above and beyond to make everyone comfortable and is kind and extremely welcoming. I love being able to close here.

Anywho, just wanted to send you a quick note to say how happy I am with the whole First Integrity team!

Kristen Nielsen
Rex Homes, LLC

Can’t beat the service! I’m not easy and your team is doing a great job!

Eugene Mitchell
The Skyline Group

Over the past 9 years, I have had the pleasure of working with First Integrity Title.  During this time, I have transacted on over 3,000 files with First Integrity, the majority of which required extra time and effort on their part to ensure my position as owner of those properties.  At all times, they have acted in a trustworthy and professional manner.  However, much more important than that, they are experts in their field and have put that expertise to my benefit.

Ryan Boykin
Atlas Real Estate Group

About 6 months ago I asked for a recommendation from my preferred lender for a Title Company with whom he had had a great experience and this lender couldn’t praise Joelle/First Integrity highly enough. I was hesitant to “test” another title company given that my last few experiences had been very poor but I am so glad that I did.

Since my first introduction to FI a few months ago I have had the pleasure of doing about 7-8 deals with Joelle/Re’Nesia/Shauna and they have been incredible. They have not only been professional, organized, quick to respond, knowledgeable, educated and precise but also just plain fun to work alongside. I have since recommended FI to a number of other agents and I hope they too get to experience the teamwork and dedication of your company.

Logan Aal
The DiVito Dream Makers
RE/MAX Alliance

I am more than extremely impressed with Re’Nesia Fontenot, who is the closer we use at 1st Colorado Mortgage Solutions. She is professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. In my initial dealings with Re’Nesia, I couldn’t believe the quickness in response to any email I had sent. Any corrections or revisions requested are provided in the blink of an eye with no complaints. She is such a pleasure to work with and I would refer anyone to First Integrity Title and in particular to Re’Nesia Fontenot.

Dianne McLeod
1st Colorado Mortgage Solutions

I have been working with First Integrity Title Company, for over 8 years now and there is simply no other place Id prefer to do business. Naturally, we have had dealings with other Title companies. Ive become acquainted with quite a few, but if it were my choice, every single one of my transactions would take place here. My closer never fails me, and management is always available but rarely needed. I thank you for the continued service and thoroughly enjoy and appreciate our working relationship.

Justin M. Ross, Owner
Stapleton Mortgage LLC

We are writing to sincerely thank you for the outstanding service that we have received during the last year. As you know, we specialize in the purchase and subsequent wholesale of Real Estate while participating in the Public Trustee foreclosure Auction process. This process can become very fast paced. We are also very dependent on accurate Title information within a very short time frame. Your company has been providing these services for us during the last year with outstanding levels of accuracy and customer service. We quite literally could not provide our clients with the values that they have become accustomed to, without our ability to receive professional Title Services in a manner that First Integrity has been providing. Our experiences span several years of Real Estate sales and Mortgage lending, resulting in an equivalent level of experience with Title Companies. We would strongly recommend First Integrity to any professional in need of Title Services.

Please feel free to pass on our contact information to any potential client, as we would be happy to discuss our superior level of satisfaction.


Michael C. Johnston
Euodoo Real Estate LLC
Randall S. Tufte
RMS Consulting LLC

I have used, with great success, First Integrity Title Company. They will provide great service!! I’ve used them for 6 years and ALWAYS get top notch service.
AND they are priced lower than most other title companies and will save your clients money. It’s a added bonus to working with you when listing their house, title fees are lower and who isn’t into paying lower fees right now.


David Hastedt

I just had to write to let you know that so far I am having a “WOW” experience with your company. I have submitted my first Title Order with your company and I am amazed at the speed at which everything is happening! I have never and I mean never have had this kind of turn time from any other Title Company. I’m really looking forward to doing more business with you! In addition, I really like your website. There is so much information that is available!

Thank you!

Dave Vorwaller, CML

I have been using MDT for approximately 5 years. During that 5 years I may have left about 10 voice mail messages for my Closer or Title Examiner the remainder of my calls have all been answered! Those few voice mail messages I left were answered within a few hours and emails are always responded to equally quickly. Enough said!
All of the people are professional, knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly personable it is truly a pleasure to do business with this company. Despite all the challenges that go in to a new-build closing, MDT manages to accommodate our needs and I would highly recommend their services.

Patrik Guinness, President
Guinness Development Company
Highland Townhomes, Llc
City View Rowhomes, Llc

Chateau Development and Chateau Custom Builders, Inc have been using the title services of First Integrity Title for the last eighteen months and we have been more than pleased with this new arrangement. I strongly recommend securing your title needs with their organization. I am assured you would be satisfied by what they have to offer. They offer services that other title companies don’t such as personalized on time closings wherever you or your buyer may choose, top notch customer service, and accommodating title examiners that are available to answer any question that may arise. They have been bent over backwards for each and every home buyer and lender closing transactions within our communities. Their customer service is second to none, and they do exactly what they promise. I am so pleased we made the switch to First Integrity Title. We plan to continue using their services for years to come.


Brett Bennett, Vice President
Chateau Development

No, Can’t, Won’t…..not words in First Integrity is vocabulary. As a matter of fact, First Integrity won my business when I ran into a very difficult property to close. The other title company I was using at the time kept delaying it. After a high level of frustration I called First Integrity to see what they could do. Of course they closed it promptly. Meanwhile the other title company was still trying to figure out what to do.
At First Integrity, they’re all about solutions. They look at the big picture and then go the extra mile in attending to the details to get the deal closed in an honest, professional and timely manner. I would strongly recommend First Integrity to any realtor who wants to get the job done right.

Ron Searle

As a busy Realtor I am often short on time. First Integrity Title makes it easy to get things done quickly. On the First Integrity website I can order title work, O&Es and CMAs as well as schedule closings. I can also order marketing materials. The people at First Integrity are knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. I would not consider closing anywhere else.

Chris Jackson

I’ve originated loans for better than 10 years and I’ve never worked with a Title Company that was so willing to make my business their priority. Usually, on difficult files, you call and call and call hoping to get someone on the phone that can help overcome the problem. That wasn’t the case with First Integrity. Instead, they made themselves completely available to me and my client. They resolved a couple of major issues and most importantly helped me get the loan closed. The best part was that I was able to focus on closing the loan and not the issue on title. What I’ve learned since this experience, they treat every file with the same urgency and great service. You will only better your business by working with Metro Denver Title.

S. Scott Lagge

Brad just buzzed me, he is preparing to do another loan and wanted to make sure that I used the same company that I used for his last transaction. He was so pleased with the closer. This is one of the first times in 8 years that he has complimented a closer, please be sure to pass along how much it meant to us.

Mandi Seethaler

Over the past year of doing business with First Integrity Title I’ve found their staff to go above and beyond the norm of title companies that I have dealt with over the past ten years in the business. From simply supplying leads up to the president of the company personally answering legal questions pertaining to title, they have been the best title company I have had the pleasure of dealing with in my career.

Dwight J. Tronson

Becoming a partner with First Integrity Title has been a great asset to our company. From the first day we did business we noticed the dedication and commitment that First Integrity has in helping our company grow! The staff have always been professional, ethical, and courteous.

Lewis Galvan

We are happy to recommend and to use First Integrity Title! We have used them since 2001 because their rates are the lowest and they always give exceptional service to us and our clients!

John and Amanda Sessa

I have been selling homes for 15 years and have been through several title companies. All have dropped the ball in some way or another. First Integrity Title has more than exceeded my expectations. I do have large expectations for my title companies. The service I have received has been exceptional and the fees are very competitive for my clients. I can verify they are the best out there.

Dean Gary

You can rest assured, I will be continuing to use your title company and will happily recommend you to both clients as well as other loan officers. I thank you again for your stellar commitment to customer service and the opportunity to work with such wonderful people.

Elizabeth Vincens